Yarn Heat Setting (YHS)

The Yarn Heat Setting process is the process in textile industry that takes place between yarn twisting & cloth weaving. The polyester yarn (POY) purchased from bulk producers like Reliance, JCT etc. needs to be twisted before the cloth is weaved. Depending on the quality of the cloth required, POY is given twists (2000 to 3000) on twisting machines in order to give sufficient strength. After twisting POY gets curls if loosely held & will create problems while weaving. To avoid curling effect yarn is heated at specified temperatures, either by direct steam (temperature requirement – 105 to 120 deg celsius) / hot air (temperature requirement – 120 to 140 deg celsius) / steam in vacuum chamber (temperature requirement – 85 to 105 deg celsius). This process is known as HEAT SETTING OF YARN. Conventionally heat setting of yarn was done with the help of small non-IBR boilers Most of the boilers (90%) operate on LPG & few of larger capacity (300kg/hr & bigger) operate on diesel. This raised the expenditure for the companies.

To help textile industry wipe off a major part of their expenditure towards fuel costs while heat setting the yarn and as part of the developmental activity, New Applications Development (NAD) team has developed technology which uses natural gas with all safety precautions for such non-IBR on auto mode. Burner management system developed by the company has been registered for patenting under Indian Patents Act.