Shareholder FAQs

How to avail of ECS Facility? 

Investors holding shares in physical form may send their ECS Mandate Form, duly filled in, to the Company's R&TA. The Form may be downloaded from the Company's website. However, if shares are held in dematerialised form, ECS mandate has to be sent to the concerned Depository Participant (DP) directly, in the format prescribed by the DP.

Why cannot the Company take on record bank details in case of dematerialised shares? 
How to register a request for obtaining payment through ECS for the shares held in dematerialized form? 
What should a shareholder do in case of non-receipt of dividend? 
What is nomination facility and to whom it is more useful? What is the procedure of appointing a nominee? 
Who can appoint a nominee and who can be appointed as a nominee? 
How to avail of nomination facility for more than one folio? 
Can a nomination once made be revoked / varied? 
Are the joint holders deemed to be nominees to the shares? 
What rights are conferred on the nominee and how can he exercise the same? 
What is the procedure for obtaining duplicate share certificate(s) in case of loss / misplacement of original share certificate(s)? 
Who is the Share Transfer Agent of the Company? 
Where are the shares of the Company listed and traded? 
What are the benefits of ECS payment through electronic facilities?