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Natural Gas

Natural gas will have a vital role to play in the Asia's economic growth in the near future. The company is working towards its main focus to help GSPC Group emerge as a truly integrated Energy Company as well as to make Gujarat a primary Gas Based Economy and a top place player in the continent's actively growing economic future.

City Gas Distribution

We, being a City Gas Distribution Company, are mainly working towards meeting growing demand of natural gas. To cater to the demand and make sure that the reliable and quality services reaches everybody; the company has undertaken the City Gas Distribution activities to provide gas to retail customers in various segments like Domestic, Commercial & Non-Commercial and Industrial segments. The Company is providing last mile connectivity to small customers by way of Low Pressure Steel and Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) networks as part of this City Gas Distribution endeavour.

Health, Safety and Environment

The company always considers Health and Safety of its employees, environment and general public as top priority. To adhere to the high health and safety standards, the company always ensure that frequent safety awareness campaigns are conducted for employees, contractors and general public at large to make them aware of the do's and don'ts while using PNG and CNG.

Our Current Business

The company has recently crossed the benchmark of 6.2 MMSCMD for gas sales volume, which made it India's largest City Gas Distribution Company in terms of gas sales volume. At present, we are catering to the gas demand of 649 cities / towns / villages across the 19 Districts in the State of Gujarat and Union Territory of Dadra Nagar Haveli and Thane GA which includes Palghar district of Maharashtra. The company is constantly exploring more villages and cities within its areas of operations, which can be catered with PNG and CNG.

At present, the company is catering to the gas demand of more than 13,55,000 domestic households, 12300 commercial and non-commercial segments and 3540 industrial customers. The company is also providing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) through its 344 CNG stations across the state that caters to more than 1,60,000 vehicles per day.

The amalgamated entity is committed to reach out to every possible natural gas user in its expanded geographical area. The size and scale of the combined entity gives it the ability to achieve efficiencies and effectively manage the transformational changes in the sector. This major gain in productivity would benefit all the key stakeholders including Customers and Shareholders.

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Chief Executive Officer