Precautions for connection installation

Safeguard for gas installation

  • Ensure nothing is tied or hanging on the gas pipeline and ensure it doesn't get hit or damaged by any work in the vicinity
  • Ensure that you do not conceal the GI line, meter, regulator or valve in the wall / furniture
  • Ensure that you do not use hose longer than 1 meter length to connect your gas stove / geyser
  • Ensure use of only prescribed hose or company supplied hose
  • Do not install electric / telephone wires / cables very close to gas line also do not tie them to the gas installation
  • Do not excavate the soil above the pipeline laid underground in your premises
  • Do not bury the RCC guard in your installation in case of house / road construction work
  • Avoid lighting garbage near RCC guard
  • Ensure the water / drainage line doesn't pass very close to underground / aboveground gas installation and the same is not leaking
  • Ensure proper water line plumbing for gas geyser connection
  • Approach us for guidance if renovation or modification in the house is effecting gas installation
  • If any modification / extension / replacement of gas installation is required, please approach us for the same
  • Do not use domestic connection for commercial purpose. In case such connections are identified, gas supply to the connection shall be discontinued and appropriate legal action will be taken by the company