CNG in Amritsar and Bathinda

Economical! Environment-Friendly!! Efficient!!! No other adjectives could have described CNG better than these 3 Es. Dubbed the fuel of the future, it is fast becoming the choice of smart people driving smart CNG variants. We love to call these smart people 'Green Crusaders' as they understood the need of the time and adapted CNG as fuel for the good of the environment and the nation. We have taken upon us to stand by them and provide them CNG on the busiest routes plied upon seamlessly.

Our dear Green Crusaders, if a drive is coming up, from Delhi to Amritsar or Chandigarh to Amritsar, no need to think twice. Now, CNG is available in Amritsar, too. We are expanding rapidly to add more CNG stations continuously. Commute in the way the future wants.