Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming a very significant part for companies around the world. Over the years, the corporate world has started taking initiatives and supporting endeavors that will have positive effects on society. We are proud to be a part of initiatives that add value to society. We constantly devote time and dedicate our resources to build meaningful co-existence with the environment. We understand the impact that industries have on society and environment and thus, are doing our little bit whenever we can.

We believe education and learning are very significant aspects of a nation's future.

The company has always tried to identify new trends and work towards pooling the right resources. We work towards new schemes and enterprises to involve communities and create an impact where and when we can.

CNG Mechanic Training programme 

The company‘s CNG Mechanic Training programme at Surat provides formal training to mechanics on CNG vehicles thus helping them develop skill sets for a better livelihood.

Solar lamps at Gandhinagar garden 

Solar lights adorn the Punit Van developed by the forest department in Gandhinagar. The solar lamp posts carry name of the Company on them.

Prakriti, Environment Education bus 

An environment education bus named Prakriti is creating environment awareness among children and acts as a mobile resource centre. The project undertaken jointly with BG India imparts awareness about the environment using a number of games and audio-visual aids.

Safety Awareness Activity 

One such initiative is the Safety awareness project. The company hired a competent company with several years of experience in the field of Events for this project. The endeavour is to further spread awareness amongst the people of 150 villages across Gujarat regarding the safe uses of Piped Natural Gas and Compressed Natural Gas.

The main aim of the awareness programme is to disseminate information regarding the safety measures and making sure that the villagers understand the safety tips and retain them.

Until now we have managed to cover 95 villages in total across the state of Gujarat. To make sure safety knowledge reaches all sections of the state, we are working on the project, divided into three routes. The first route covers villages of Saurashtra and Kheda. The second route covers Central Gujarat and the third route covers South Gujarat.

A film on Safety Measures of PNG/CNG is used as a media tool to make sure there is higher receptivity amongst the target audience. Film as a communication tool is interactive and sparks attention and interest, leading to desire of action. The film, 25 minutes long, talks about rules and safety measures to be followed related to when PNG/CNG are used daily by villagers in Gujarat.