PNG - Domestic

What is PNG?

Natural Gas is mainly Methane - CH4 with a small percentage of other higher hydrocarbons. The ratio of Carbon to Hydrogen is least in Methane and hence it burns almost completely making it very environment friendly. It is procured from the oil / gas wells and transported through a network of pipelines.

PNG (Piped Natural Gas) is the natural gas supplied through mild steel (MS) and polyethylene (PE) pipelines to cater to the natural gas demand of customers in various segments, i.e. Domestic / Commercial & Non - Commercial / Industrial segments.

Domestic Customers

As a safer alternative of LPG cylinders, Piped Natural Gas is becoming more common amongst residential customers who use the natural gas primarily as a cooking fuel and for water heating through Gas Geyser. However, for precautions, there is a safety manual 'Do's & Don'ts' made available in case of any leakage or gas smell is observed. Please take a print and paste it at a visible place in the kitchen.

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The company is supplying Piped Natural Gas for domestic usage to more than 21.15 lakh households (as on 31/03/2024) across its operating locations.

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Presently, the company supplies PNG to following major areas and surrounding villages in the state of Gujarat: