Expression of Interest (EOI)

Reference No. Category Description Published Date Submission by Date
EOI GGL/EOI/2019-20/003 Expression of Interest (EOI) for Empanelment of Civil Contractors For Construction Of CNG And LCNG Stations (Phase 14) 06-Sep-2023 30-Sep-2023
GGL/EOI/2023-24/018 For Supply, Comprehensive Maintenance, Calibration/Testing Of O2 (Oxygen) Analyser at various GGL locations 05-Sep-2023 30-Sep-2023

List of Empanelled Contractors

EOI Reference No. Category Description Effective Date of Empanelment Validity End date of Empanelment
GGL/EOI/2023-24/013 EOI - GGL/EOI/2023-24/013- Supply of Leak Surveyor across GGL
Phase 1 16-Sep-2023 16-Sep-2025
GGL/EOI/2023-24/019 EOI - GGL/EOI/2023-24/019- Supply of Impact Searcher Bar across GGL
Phase 1 16-Sep-2023 16-Sep-2025
EOI-GGL/EOI/2023-24/015 Supply of Multifunction Gas Detector across GGL
Phase 1 15-Sep-2023 15-Sep-2025
GGL/EOI/2023-24/017 Supply of Above Ground DRS across GGL Including AMC
Phase 1 14-Sep-2023 14-Sep-2025
GGL/EOI/2023-24/008 Contractor Empanelment For Supply, Installation, Testing Commissioning and Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance of LNG storage and regasification system & associated facilities 28-Aug-2023 28-Aug-2025
GGL/EOI/2023-24/009 Contractor Empanelment For Welded Common Approach in Basement Area for Domestic and Welded installation of Industrial & Commercial Connections 21-Aug-2023 21-Aug-2025
GGL/EOI/2023-24/014 EOI - GGL/EOI/2023-24/014- Supply of Ethyl Mercaptan Detector with comprehensive Maintenance & Calibration of Detector across GGL
Phase 1 21-Aug-2023 21-Aug-2025
GGL/EOI/2023-24/011 EOI - GGL/EOI/2023-24/011- Supply of Rubber Hose across GGL
Phase 1 18-Aug-2023 18-Aug-2025
GGL/EOI/2023-24/010 EOI - GGL/EOI/2023-24/010- Supply of FRP Sleeper for Gujarat Locations
Phase 1 08-Aug-2023 08-Aug-2025
GGL/EOI/2022-23/003 Contractor Empanelment For Steel Pipeline Laying Projects across GGL 31-July-2023 31-July-2025
GGL/EOI/2023-24/007 List of empanelled contractors for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Non-Comprehensive Annual Operation & Maintenance contract for Terminal Gas Compressors & Associated Equipment Installed at Gujarat Gas Mora, Surat, Gujarat. 18-July-2023 31-July-2025
GGL/EOI/2023-24/006 EOI - GGL/EOI/2023-24/006- Supply and Installation of FRP Canopy across GGL
Phase 1 15-July-2023 15-July-2025
GGL/EOI/2023-24/001 List of empanelled contractors for Hydrotesting of Type 3 Multi Element Gas Container (MEGC) CNG Cylinder Cascades. 13-Jul-2023 12-Jul-2026
GGL/EOI/2022-23/005 EOI - GGL/EOI/2022-23/005 - Supply of Service Regulator Module across GGL
Phase 1 04-July-2023 04-July-2025
GGL/EOI/2022-23/004 EOI - GGL/EOI/2022-23/004 - Supply & Filling of Ethyl Mercaptan across GGL 05-Jun-2023 05-Jun-2025
GGL/EOI/2020‐21/006 List of Empanelled Electrical Contractors for Electrical Works across GGL
Phase 1 01-Apr-2021 20-Jan-2025
Phase 2 23-July-2021 20-Jan-2025
Phase 3 01-Sep-2021 20-Jan-2025
Phase 4 - -
Phase 5 12-May-2022 20-Jan-2025
Phase 6 10-June-2022 20-Jan-2025
Phase 7 21-Jan-2023 20-Jan-2025
Phase 8 1-July-2023 30-June-2025
Phase 9 22-Aug-2023 21-Aug-2025
Phase 10 01-Sep-2023 31-Aug-2025
Phase 11 04-Sep-2023 03-Sep-2025
GGL/EOI/2019-20/003 List of Empanelled Civil Contractors for Construction of CNG and LCNG Stations
Phase 1 01-Aug-2020 30-Sep-2024
Phase 2 01-Nov-2020 30-Sep-2024
Phase 3 15-June-2021 30-Sep-2024
Phase 4 15-June-2021 30-Sep-2024
Phase 5 20-Sep-2021 30-Sep-2024
Phase 6 23-Dec-2021 30-Sep-2024
Phase 7 11-Apr-2022 30-Sep-2024
Phase 8 16-June-2022 30-Sep-2024
Phase 9 09-Sep-2022 30-Sep-2024
Phase 10 01-Aug-2023 31-July-2025
Phase 11 01-Aug-2023 31-July-2025
Phase 1 16-Dec-2020 15-Dec-2023
Phase 2 02-Feb-2021 01-Feb-2024
Phase 5 16-Feb-2022 01-Feb-2024
GGL/EOI/2019‐20/003 List of empanelled contractors for Hydrotesting of Seamless Steel CNG cylinder Cascades at Gujarat and UT of DNH, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan (Phase 1) 01-May-2022 30-April-2025
GGL/EOI/2022-23/002 Contractor Empanelment For PE-PNG Project Works at across GGL
Phase 1 25-Aug-2022 25-Aug-2024
Phase 2 31-May-23 31-May-25