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Gas Bill Metering & Payments
The Natural Gas supplied to piped natural gas users (domestic / commercial / non-commercial / YHS segments) is measured in standard cubic meter terms using a meter installed at customer premises by GGCL.
The domestic customers are billed on bi-monthly basis and the commercial / non-commercial / YHS customers are billed on monthly basis. The meter reading and bill distribution are done in cycles by the company nominated contractor. The meter reader, with a valid ID card, visits your premises to take note of the readings. Whenever our representative visits your house for meter reading or maintenance job, if your house is found locked, they will leave a card/sticker informing you of the purpose. You are requested to revert to GGCL upon your return  on the numbers specified on the card/sticker. 

Customer can also give meter reading during the Meter Read Cycle over the phone to our customer care centre.
At GGCL, our performance pledge is to provide you excellent service. Tie-up with various local banks and collection centres for the payment of the bill or placing of drop-in-boxes at various public places are just few examples. List of collection centres and location of drop-in-boxes are published on the reverse of your gas bill and also found on this website.
Sample Invoices and basics of the bill have been presented below for your convenience 
Click Here for Retail Industry Invoice 
Click Here for Commercial / Non-Commercial / YHS Invoice 

Sl No

Charge Code



Basic gas consumption charges Basic Rate of Gas per unit (scm) x No. of Units Consumed


MGO charges Minimum Guaranteed Offtake, for example -
Domestic – 10 units (scm) bi-monthly
Commercial – 20 units (scm) monthly


Premium charges Domestic – N.A 
Commercial - NA 
YHS – Quantity consumed above monthly signed quantity


Interest Penal Interest @ x %


Meter rent Domestic – N.A
Commercial – N.A
YHS – Rs. xx (2.5 scmh meter/month) Rs. xx (10 scmh meter/month)


CV rebate N.A


Value Added Tax As per Government regulations and Revisions. Currently 15%.


Annual service charge Basic service charge + applicable tax


Bill Amount Basic gas consumption charges + VAT charges


Previous outstanding Previous month(s) outstanding gas bill amount


Credit Balance Any credit/debit accrued as on date with regards to both work bill as well as gas bill


Bill payable amount Bill amount + previous outstanding + credit balance
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Dial Before Dig, Emergency No. & Customer Care
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Online Bill Payment - Domestic & Commercial Segment Customers only
 Domestic & Commercial Segment Customers
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