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Piped Natural Gas
GGCL has a wide network of under ground pipe lines. These comprises of mild steel(MS) and polyethylene(PE). Through these lines gas is supplied to Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers. At present GGCL has a base of approximately 3,49,296 PNG customers. Gas is supplied to the these  customers through pressure reduction stations which are called as IPRS (Industrial pressure reduction) or DPRS. Majority of the gas sales happen through long term contracts signed between GGCL and customers, there are very few instances where sales is done on spot basis.
Domestic Customers
These are also called as residential customers. This set of customers primarily use gas for cooking purpose and also for heating water through gas geysers. This is majorly being adopted as an attractive alternate for LPG.
Commercial Customers
These customers are grouped into majorly 3 segments - Commercial, Non commercial and YHS. Commercial customers comprises of Hotels, restaurants, dairies, bakeries, educational institute etc.  Customer like temples, NGOs are covered under non commercial category. GGCL has 2 years back launched an specific application for yarn heating, customers using gas for this specific purpose are grouped as YHS. Majority of the operational processes are common to domestic category.

Industrial customers
These customers are large volume customers spread across various segments of business like textile, pharmaceuticals, glass, chemical, ceramic, dyes and intermediates, agrochemicals, pulp & paper. They constituent the major portion of the total gas sales. There are approx 1000 small to large industrial customers across Surat and Bharuch district.

Gas is used by these set of customers for applications like  

  • Heating  - Boiler, Thermic fluid heater, Furnace
  • Cooling  - Absorption chiller
  • Power    - Gas engine, Gas turbine
  • Process - Direct firing of Stenters (Textiles), Dryers, Furnace, Ovens, Feedstock for Fertilizer plants...


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